Saturday, 11 February 2012

Planet Hulk 2010 English Movie online

All I can say about this film was GOOD TIMES! Earth's Illuminati (Iron Man, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, and Doctor Strange) banished hulk to a world with minimal life and lots of vegetation. Unfortunately, Hulk woke up too soon in the spaceship and damaged the ship enroute causing it to enter a blackhole and finally Hulk found himself crash landing on the gladiator planet, Sakaar.
I highly recommend spending the 80+ minutes it took to suck in the constant fighting smashing and amazing animation contained in this work of art.
I was awed by the hulk having a personality and vocabulary as well as being oddly attracted to the indigenous alien with Oldstrong powers, Caiera.
Out of 5 stars I would easily give this movie a 4.95 with the only reason not getting a 5 in that I wanted more. MORE! Hulk want MORE! With WHALE TAIL ON TOP!!!!


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